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How To Get To Kintamani Volcano From Bali

kintamani trip

A Kintamani trip is the perfect addition to your Bali holiday itinerary. Located in the heart of Bali’s mountainous region, the climate here is significantly cooler than the coast, the air crispier and fresher and the scenery lush with mountain growth. There are stunning lakes and mountains to explore, thrilling natural attractions, exciting activities to […]

The Benefits of Private Car Hire With Drive In Bali

private car bali

What are the benefits of a private car hire in Bali? You’re probably wondering about all the pros and cons of a private car hire in Bali as you’re planning for your upcoming trip. While there are plenty of ways to explore Bali whether on your own, with a driver or a Bali rent car […]

Island Adventures: Navigating Your Bali Road Trip

Island Adventures

Have you ever gone on a road trip to Bali? The island has so much to offer beyond the beaches, the parties and the beach clubs. It might surprise you but the island of Bali is huge – it is in fact, 7 times the size of Singapore. While Seminyak, Kuta, Canggu and Uluwatu are […]

Smooth Rides : The Bali Matic Rental Car Experience  

The Bali Matic Rental Car Experience

Renting an automatic car from Drive In Bali comes with all sorts of benefits. The inherent ease of use from not having to shift gears means you can be more focussed on the road and the world around you! This smoother, more effortless driving experience lends itself to comfort on longer journeys, which is perfect […]

Navigating Bali’s Beauty with Monthly Car Rentals 

Monthly Car Rentals

Drive In Bali is one of the premier car rental services on the island, making it the perfect choice for monthly car rentals on longer stays. With plenty of vehicle options for yourself, your family or even larger groups and prices as low as USD 23 a day, it’s easy to get around affordably and […]

Self-Driving in Bali: Why Renting a Car Makes Sense

Self-Driving in Bali Why Renting a Car Makes Sense

Have you ever considered self driving in Bali? At first, navigating Bali’s roads may seem a little intimidating but self driving in Bali with your own rented car from Drivein Bali is a smart move if you’re coming for a much-awaited tropical island holiday. Whether on your own as a solo traveller, with a group […]

Ubud : Day Trips Itinerary to Secret Paradise 

Ubud Day Trips Itinerary to Secret Paradise

Greetings from Bali, the cultural epicentre of Indonesia is an island of breathtaking natural beauty and rich history. Bali is like entering a dynamic universe brimming full of surprises and enjoyable experiences. And in the middle of this alluring island, Ubud is tucked away in the verdancy of Bali’s breathtaking scenery like a hidden gem.   We […]