Smooth Rides : The Bali Matic Rental Car Experience  

The Bali Matic Rental Car Experience

Smooth Rides : The Bali Matic Rental Car Experience  

Renting an automatic car from Drive In Bali comes with all sorts of benefits. The inherent ease of use from not having to shift gears means you can be more focussed on the road and the world around you! This smoother, more effortless driving experience lends itself to comfort on longer journeys, which is perfect for when you want to visit several destinations across more of the island. And did you know that automatic cars feature much more advanced transmission technologies ensuring optimized gear ratios than most manuals? In plain English: they’re more fuel efficient, saving you money especially if you’re renting for a longer period! If you’re traveling to Bali, consider driving yourself around the island in one of Drive In Bali’s automatic cars! 

Drive In Bali’s automatic cars

Drive Your Own Way with Drive In Bali And Experience Your Own Journey 

There’s something quite special about discovering Bali your own way. Rather than being guided by someone else and having to work to their schedule, you can work to your own. Instead of rigid timetables you can take things at your own pace… whether that’s lazing on a beach for the whole day or visiting a dozen places in a day! Take a wrong turn and see where it takes you. Leave your accommodation early and return late. Go nowhere at all. Or go everywhere possible. Driving yourself in Bali is Bali on your own terms, and driving yourself is easier in an automatic vehicle. 

Smoother, Safer and More Immersive Drives Around Bali 

Having to change gears up and down in a manual car may be second nature for experienced drivers. However, if you don’t usually drive in Bali, they can be an unnecessary distraction from the action on the roads, as well as the stunning sights on the island itself. Leaving the gear changes to Drive In Bali’s automatic cars can be beneficial from both a safety point of view and purely in terms of being able to immerse yourself in an exciting new place. You’ll be able to react quickly to changes in traffic conditions whenever they present while also keeping one eye on the stunning sunsets, verdant rice fields or crystalline waters off the coast. 

Safer and More Immersive Drives Around Bali 

Automatic Car Options At Drive In Bali 

At Drive In Bali, we offer perfectly maintained, meticulously cleaned and routinely inspected automatic cars from reputable manufacturers that are ready to roll when you are. Seating up to seven people in spacious comfort and with petrol or diesel options, your family or larger group and their luggage will be at ease in air conditioned comfort, while you as the driver can cruise to your destination, navigating traffic with ease. Drive In Bali even offers optional upgrades like WiFi data packages, booster seats or child seats. 

Some models offer Apple CarPlay or Android connectivity to keep you entertained on the road, BlueTooth options are available and some offer parking sensors and hill start assist to keep the drive easy from ignition ’til the time you park.

Requirements for Automatic Car Rental With Drive In Bali 

You only require a valid driver’s license from your country of origin and an International Driver’s Permit, which can be easily and affordably obtained online. It’s important to arrange this well in advance of your travel, ideally at least two weeks beforehand. When you begin driving, ensure you have your car rental agreement and the appropriate Vehicle Registration Certificate readily available in case you need to present them to any authorities. 

Get Started with Bali Matic Car Rental at Drive In Bali 

Opting for automatic car rental in Bali offers the opportunity for daily adventures and delightful discoveries throughout your stay, all while maintaining your own schedule and with the smoothest driving experience possible. If you’re prepared to organize your rental, simply visit Drive in Bali specify your arrival date, pickup spot, preferred vehicle, and any additional amenities. Then FIND AND BOOK NOW, PAY LATER and relish the distinct pleasure of exploring Bali at your leisure, tailored to your preferences.