The Benefits of Private Car Hire With Drive In Bali

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The Benefits of Private Car Hire With Drive In Bali

What are the benefits of a private car hire in Bali? You’re probably wondering about all the pros and cons of a private car hire in Bali as you’re planning for your upcoming trip. While there are plenty of ways to explore Bali whether on your own, with a driver or a Bali rent car without a driver, we can safely and confidently agree that there are lots of wonderful benefits of a private car hire in Bali, including convenience, privacy, comfort and safety.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of a private car hire in Bali for when you’re on the island for your upcoming holiday!

Benefits Of A Private Car Hire Bali

Complete Control & Flexibility

With your very own private car hire in Bali, you can enjoy being in complete control, and the sense of relief comes from knowing that you don’t ever have to rely on anyone to get from point A to point B. 

Your private car hire will be right there waiting for you at your parking spot, no matter your destination and at whatever time of day. There will be no time limits or kilometre constraints like you would have if you hired a private car with a driver.

Satisfy all your moods, whims, and wanderlust, linger for as long as you like, shop, explore, dine, and relax to your heart’s content without worrying about having someone waiting for you or if you’re nearing your time limit. You can even leave your phone at home if you like! With private car hire, you have the freedom to explore independently, following your own whims and desires.

No Hidden Costs Or Surprise Fees

Peace of mind comes with knowing that when you book your own private car hire Bali with Drive In Bali, you pay a one-time fee with insurance already included. Payment is made during pick up and no deposits are required.

Also included in your price is free unlimited miles, meaning you can even drive all the way to west, east and north Bali if you like, at no extra charge! With your own private car hire Bali, won’t have to haggle, argue or endure unpleasant situations as you’ll be the only one in charge of driving yourself and your loved ones around.

Safety & Comfort

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When you’re driving your own private car in Bali, whether you’re driving alone, with your friend or with your family, you can relax once the doors are locked and you’re safely behind the wheel. Being in your own private car in Bali gives you a sense of being in your own private space no matter where you go.

Another favourite reason to drive yourself in Bali is the convenience of having storage space for your belongings after a long day out. You can safely store them in the trunk and enjoy the rest of your day without carrying them around.

Having your own private car hire Bali also means you won’t have to suffer Bali’s intense weather. The heat can get intolerable, especially for the elderly and young children, so it would be wonderful to have a comfortable, air-conditioned space as you move about the island.

So now that you know all of the incredible benefits of a private car hire in Bali, the question is, is it possible to rent a car without a driver in Bali? The answer is a resounding yes, and you can be sure of the best Bali rent car without a driver with Drive In Bali.

How Can I Book A Private Car In Bali For Transportation?

You can easily book a private car hire Bali with Drive In Bali. We tick all the boxes when it comes to the ideal car hire. You can expect impeccably maintained cars with top-notch engine upkeep & machinery, clean and fresh interiors, sparkling exteriors, and add-ons that make sense including in-car wifi and data, child’s seats and baby seats.

We also offer one of the most convenient options on the island when booking a car rental in Bali. When you’ve decided on the car that you want, simply book and pay only later at pick up. We offer a range of modern, clean and perfectly maintained cars that are safe and well-equipped with safety accessories including seat belts and airbags.

Choose from a wide variety of modern, up-to-date and safety-checked Toyota and Honda models from Agya to Brio, Jazz, Fortuner, CRV and more.

Book A Private Car Hire Bali With Drive In Bali

Visit our website at Drive In Bali and follow the following steps:

  • Enter your details for pick up and return: Location, times and dates
  • Choose your car model
  • Enter driver details
  • Choose payment method (pay later when you pick up your car)
  • Click “Booking Summary” and simply confirm your booking. A member of our team will be in touch.

Once you’ve filled out all your details, we’ll send you an email confirmation. Pay with cash or credit card when picking up your car at Bali Airport, Canggu, Kuta, Jimbaran, Legian, Nusa Dua or Sanur. Pickups in Ubud will incur an additional charge of USD 10 per car. Then FIND AND BOOK NOW, PAY LATER and relish the distinct pleasure of exploring Bali at your leisure, tailored to your preferences. All our cars come fully insured for your peace of mind – Read more about our insurance and rental policies. Find and book a car rental in Bali now with Drive In Bali!