Self-Driving in Bali: Why Renting a Car Makes Sense

Self-Driving in Bali Why Renting a Car Makes Sense

Self-Driving in Bali: Why Renting a Car Makes Sense

Have you ever considered self driving in Bali? At first, navigating Bali’s roads may seem a little intimidating but self driving in Bali with your own rented car from Drivein Bali is a smart move if you’re coming for a much-awaited tropical island holiday. Whether on your own as a solo traveller, with a group of friends or with your family, self driving in Bali can give you a sense of security and the confidence of knowing that you now have the freedom to come and go anywhere and at any time without having to rely on another person or public transportation. Families with elderly parents or small children will have the space they need for essentials and to rest. There’s also lots of space for groups of friends, so you won’t have to split up whenever you’re out on an excursion!

Here are some amazing reasons why self driving in Bali makes so much sense:

Bali Self Drive See More Of Bali

Self driving in Bali is one of the best ways to see more of the island. Bali is so much more than just Seminyak and Canggu – the island is huge with plenty to discover. When self driving in Bali, you’ll have the freedom to drive through ancient villages and take in landscapes that change at almost every turn. You can stop whenever you like for coffee and photos. Drive freely to places like Bedugul, Munduk and Kintamani where it’s cool and refreshing. Head towards the east for Karangasem’s ancient temples, go snorkelling and diving or go west to the Bali National Park. You can even head north with your rental to swim with the dolphins! Even exploring Uluwatu’s stunning sandy white beaches is a pleasure when you’re self driving in Bali.

Enjoy Freedom & Flexibility

Renting your own car means you won’t have to rely on a driver or your phone for rideshare. There is a sense of freedom in knowing that there is a car at your disposal and the feeling of being in control when you’re behind the wheel.  You won’t have to rely on schedules, queue up for public transportation or talk to strangers when you just want to relax. You can explore your destination of choice at your own pace, with the freedom to choose when and where you want to go – when self driving in Bali, there won’t be any rigid itineraries to follow or that rushed feeling like time is running out when hiring a driver.

Added Security & Convenience

Added Security & Convenience

Self driving in Bali can also provide solo travellers, females travelling alone and families with little children with the feeling of security – while Bali is relatively safe, there’s a sense of security that one gets when behind locked doors and raised windows on a busy street. Another favourite reason to self drive in Bali is it is convenient – in addition to being a mode of transport, you can store all your essentials, luggage and shopping in the car while you go out and about. You won’t have to carry all your bags and purchases around as you explore, which can get heavy and exhausting.

No Reason To Haggle

When self driving in Bali, you don’t have to haggle for a price or worry about being overcharged. When renting a car with Drivein Bali, you pay when you pick up your car at your preferred location, and that’s it! You’ll never have to worry about haggling, hidden costs or surprise fees. Your car also comes fully insured for your peace of mind.

Now that you know why self driving in Bali is ideal, let us answer all of your most burning questions.

Is it safe to self drive in Bali?

Self driving in Bali is relatively safe. Just make sure you have a valid driver’s license and are up to date on Bali’s road rules and regulations. Just like anywhere else in the world, there could be reckless or aggressive drivers, traffic jams, potholes or cracks in the roads and maybe stray animals trying to cross. Just be vigilant.

What do you need to rent a car in Bali?

You need a valid driver’s license from your home country and an International Driver’s Permit (IDP). When self driving in Bali, be sure to have your car rental agreement with you as well as the Vehicle Registration Certificate (also known in Indonesia as STNK) in case you’re pulled over by the traffic police.

Self Drive In Bali With Drivein Bali

Self Drive In Bali With Drivein Bali

Ready for self driving in Bali with Drivein Bali? Our fleet of perfectly maintained, thoroughly cleaned and meticulously inspected cars can take you all across the island from only USD 23 per day!

To reserve your car with Drivein Bali, head to our website and select your date of arrival, pick-up location and preferred car. Don’t forget to add on booster seats for the baby or a wifi router and data packages. A minimum booking of three days is required per car.

Once you’ve filled out all your details, we’ll send you an email confirmation. Pay with cash or credit card when picking up your car at Bali Airport, Canggu, Kuta, Jimbaran, Legian, Nusa Dua or Sanur. Pickups in Ubud will incur an additional charge of USD 10 per car.

All our cars come fully insured for your peace of mind – read more about our insurance and rental policies. Find and book your car rental now with Drivein Bali!