5 Place Must Visit Gems in Bali with a Car

Place Must Visit Gems

5 Place Must Visit Gems in Bali with a Car

Perhaps this happens to be your first visit to the gorgeous island of Bali alongside friends, family, or a special someone. You’re about to discover some of the most enchanting places to visit in Bali, each offering an incredible experience. It’s far more than just a destination; it’s an exploration of the native way of life, a tropical journey, and a voyage through breathtaking landscapes.  

But hold on, have you considered how you’re going to get around this paradise? How about making your journey as memorable as the destinations themselves with the perfect vehicle? 

Why Choose Drivein Bali for Your Bali Road Trip? 

We know what makes a road trip ideal. It’s more than just travelling from place A to place B—it’s about the encounters, the cosiness, and the flexibility to go at your own speed. We advise hiring a car from us because of this. Our fleet, which offers privacy, dependability, and spaciousness, is designed to make your trip to Bali even more enjoyable. Imagine being able to stop anywhere and whenever you like while driving around Bali’s stunning scenery.

A Fusion of Landscape and Culture in Ubud 

The majority of talks about travelling to Bali usually centre around Ubud. Ubud is a must-see because of its tranquil beauty, vibrant culture, and verdant surroundings. You can see the famous rice terraces, see historic temples, and possibly even end yourself in a yoga session. Ubud is a feeling more than merely a location. 

Best Driving Route on The Scenic East Coaston

The East Coast truly stands out as the ultimate driving road in Bali. With Drivein you can embark on a journey from the serene beaches of Sanur. Embark on a journey to uncover the fascinating history of Klungkung, and culminate your road-trip at the mysterious Pura Lempuyang gates. Prepare to be enchanted by the array of historical buildings, stunning beaches, and bustling local markets that await you on this scenic route. 

The Buzzing South 

Kuta, Seminyak, and Canggu are just a few of the well-known tourist spots in Bali’s southern region. It’s full of life, famous for its exciting entertainment options, beautiful beaches, and hip restaurants. 

Discovering Northern Bali 

Though sometimes eclipsed by its southern cousin, Bali’s northern region is a treasure awaiting discovery. Locations like as Lovina, which offers dolphin cruises, and Banjar’s spiritual hot springs provide another viewpoint on Bali. 

5 Best Place to Visit

Among the many tourist attractions in Bali, Indonesia, here are five must-visit locations that showcase the island’s diverse beauty. 

1. The Rice Terraces of Jatiluwih


Among Bali’s many world heritage sites, the Jatiluwih Rice Terraces stands out for their breathtaking beauty. As you make your way around these terraces, immerse yourself in the verdant scenery that seemingly goes on forever. This hidden gem, away from the crowds, offers a tranquil escape into nature.  

Trekking through the rice fields is not just a journey for the body, but a soothing experience for the soul, enhanced by the crisp, fresh air of Jatiluwih. With various flagged climbing courses available, ranging from easy to challenging, you can choose your path through this green wonderland. Additionally, the area is home to rejuvenating hot springs, perfect for relaxing after a day of exploration. 

2. The Mount of Batur 

The Mount of Batur

A drive to Mount Batur is essential for anyone who enjoys taking on new challenges. Bali’s natural beauty may be experienced in a unique way thanks to this active volcano. For the chance to see a beautiful dawn, you may park your car and choose to go on a guided walk. Start your day with a sunrise hike to Bali’s most accessible volcano, where you’ll be above the clouds, witnessing the island’s volcanic landscapes glimmering a golden hue below. 

3. The Spiritual Tirta Empul Temple 

The Spiritual Tirta Empul Temple

Tirta Empul, known for its holy springs, is a spiritual haven. Driving there is as serene as the temple itself. Engage in the purification ritual or simply soak in the peaceful ambiance of this sacred place, famous for its holy springs where residents and tourists alike participate in water purification ceremonies. 

4. The Artsy Village of Penglipuran 

The Artsy Village of Penglipuran

Entering the ancient Balinese village of Penglipuran is like entering a living museum. This village provides a look into the well-preserved Balinese way of life and is easy to drive through. Walking through Penglipuran, you’ll gain insights into local customs, witness traditional Balinese homes, and appreciate the balanced way of life preserved for hundreds of years. 

5. Nusa Penida 

Nusa Penida 

While not on Bali mainland, Nusa Penida is accessible by car ferry. It’s an island of rugged beauty, famous for Kelingking Beach and the natural infinity pool of Angel’s Billabong. The drive around the island is as thrilling as the destinations themselves, offering some of Bali’s most scenic driving and a chance to explore dramatic cave temples and beautiful beaches like Diamond Beach. 

Your Journey Awaits with Drivein Bali 

By driving a rental car from Drivein Bali, you can look forward to comfort, security, and lifelong memories as you go on a road trip around Bali. We have everything you could possibly want, from the verdant vistas of Ubud to the breathtaking drives along the East Coast, from the dynamic energy of the South to the unexplored North, and from the breathtaking grandeur of areas like Jatiluwih and Nusa Penida.  

Hire a vehicle from us, and make the most of every second of your vacation to Bali. Are you prepared to take the greatest possible tour of Bali? Book now and contact us for you perfect travel companion today.