Drive in Bali (Rules, licence, emergency)

Hire the car or scooter is a great choice! Riding your own vehicle around gives you the freedom you need around Bali. Who would want to deal daily with taxi negotiations and lookin for car? Rent a car and see the beauty of Bali!

What do you need to safely drive the car in Bali?



Driving skills

You need to have basic driving skills to ensure the safe ride. Indonesia, Bali has left side driving. Always watch out scooters and cars around you, the traffic is busy but slow. Dont do any fast moves and before you turn, stop or overtake, make sure everyone around you knows what you gonna do.  Dont get mad when people honk at you as it mean they are letting you know they are there or simply they are politely asking for permission to turn. Dont hurry up and drive the same speed as others. Always use seatbelt (car) or helmet and clothes (bike).

Here are few most important points to safely drive the car in Bali

  • Use helmet and clothes (bike) or seatbelt (car)
  • Use horn if you are not sure, letting others know or if you cant see behind the curve
  • Drive at the same speed as others
  • Dont do fast moves / turns
  • Go with the flow
  • Hide your phone or handbag!

Alcohol and driving in Bali

Police officers do not have the alcohol tester but that doesnt mean you can drink alcohol behind the driving. Indonesian law doesnt allow any alcohol before drive and you would be automatically guilty if involved in accident in drunk state. Everyday there are accidents with drunk tourists involved and often it has fatal consequences.


After few kilometers and some worries, you will realise the driving in Bali is very simple and intuitive and you will start enjoying it. Just follow basic rules mentioned above and do not drink and you will love your holiday in Bali with our car hire. Dont hesitate to ask us for more informations anytime.




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